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a safe space to release that rage, whilst testing your aim with one of our sling shots!

Briefing and Safety Introductory Video on arrival.

All Protective Equipment supplied by us.

15 minutes launching time in the alley.

The concept of the Smash Alley is that you use rocks and slingshots to destroy as many Smash Items as you can at the end of the alley.


The items available to smash vary from session to session due to the nature of the business however common items are: glass bottles, PC keyboards, office phones, plates and mugs.


We try and include some bigger items such as TVs, laptops and computers but they cannot always be guaranteed.


This activity is only suitable for 14+ and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All participants must wear appropriate closed toed shoes - heels, flip flops and similar shoes will not be allowed.

Participants will be given a hard hat, mesh visor and gloves before taking part in the session.

Only two people can be firing at any one time and the other two people will have to be watching in the viewing booth, if there is four of you.

What are you waiting for? How good is your aim?

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58-60 Scotswood Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne



0330 229 4425


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